Stamatis Rentals

Customer Information

The customer is obliged, during the rental period, to fully inform the office of his exact location in Zakynthos. In case of a change of residence, he is obliged to inform the office immediately.

Driving License

Driving license will be requested by the driver upon receipt of the vehicle. The customer is responsible and charges all road traffic offenses.


The customer is responsible for fuel.

Vehicle to third parties

The customer is forbidden to give the vehicle to third parties.

Vehicle Return

The customer is responsible for returning the vehicle to the designated location upon agreement with the rental office.
In the event of a delayed return, the customer is charged a rental day.

Contract renewal

If the customer wishes to renew his contract, he must contact the office before the expiration of the original contract.

Theft or Accident

The customer is obliged in case of damage, theft or accident of the vehicle to immediately notify the office.


The customer is fully responsible and is obliged to fully repair the vehicle or its components.
The customer is responsible for any loss of any kind or any other cause.

Third Party Insurance

The vehicles are fully insured against any third-party accident and all material damage to third parties.

Driving the vehicle outside Zakynthos

Transporting or driving the vehicle outside Zakynthos is not permitted. Only if the office allows it and gives a written permission for it.

Locking the vehicle

The customer is obliged to lock the vehicle.